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  • Elizabeth Grace Mairead Aakesson. born on the 15th of October, 2004.
  • New Pictures 1st August, 05.
  • Lizzie's voice. 3rd Feb. 05.
  • Lizzie's voice. 20th June. 05.
  • The Water Fountain! (7th Aug, 2008.)
  • The trip to Nashville to see The Wiggles (25th July, 2008.)
  • New Pictures From the Haiti trip.
  • Grandpa on TV.
  • Clips of Eliz from a mobile. 3rd April, 2008.
  • Clips of Eliz from a mobile. New 12th June, 2008.
  • Maps of Africa and India.
  • Listen to our baby's hart beat. :)
  • Some of my bad water colours.
  • The Geek Pages.
  • To The T'ai Chi Pages.
  • To Google.
  • All African News.
  • The Bangkok Post.
  • The Weather in Addis.
  • Mail.

  • The Code-donkey Blog. Last update 17th Aug, 2008. "Went hiking" and a new yoga website & blog.

  • The Archive of the Code-donkey Blog. Last update 23rd of July, 2008. Ashley's Birthday and trip to Atlanta.

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