Disk setup for Code-donkey useing FreeBSD-3.4.

This page is now old and some of the links will not work. It is personal use only. Please e-mail:
aakesson@code-donkey.org A. Aakesson April, 2004

Do these steps after the installation. The steps for installing FreeBSD follows below. These fourteen items are used after the instlation. Even then you may not need all of them.

Last updated on the 21 of September, 2000.

Please note; some of the instructions have been taken from the various README's that come with the drivers, as well as the KAME instructions.

If you can get a tarred copy of the original /etc and put it into the /usr/local/src.

If you can, copy the kernel config file. "uname -a" will tell you which one it is. Copy it to /usr/local/src, and use it as a ref.

Components which need to be imported, and installed after the O/S has been installed.

1. atmdriver-kame.tar.gz Check Google (If ATM support is needed.) Place in /usr/local/src/.

2. MRTd can be downloaded from the Merit ftp site. Place in /usr/local/src/. The web site for the The Merit Network. which has configuration information for MRTd.

3. etc.what.ever.tar.gz [tar up your original /etc is possible]. Place in /usr/local/src/.

4. ntp-4.0.99b.tar.gz Check Google Place in /usr/local/src/.

5. ucd-snmp-3.6.1.tar Check Google or /usr/ports for the Simple Network Management Protocol. Place in /usr/local/src/.

6. t1.tar.gz This is not available now. (If T1 support is needed.) Place in /usr/local/src/.

7. Get jdk [1.1.8 at least] from /usr/ports/java/

8. Get ssh-1.2.27 [at least] from /usr/ports/security/

9. Get autoconf from /usr/ports/

10. Get rpm from /usr/ports/

11. Go to /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base, and do a "make" "make install".

12. The Active Network Backbone.
These sites are related to the Active Network Backbone project (Abone).

  • Active Network Backbone project Check Google
  • Active Networks Test Environment
  • ANETD Software (retrieve the ELF version if you are useing FreeBSD-3.0 or a later version.) Place in /usr/local/src/.

  • 13. XFree86 [/usr/ports/x11/] "make, make install"
    14. KAME IPv6 SNAP kit kame-20000103-freebsd34-snap.tgz  (Note: this points to an FTP server in Japan and the link is old, so is the "SNAP kit".

    The Installation Steps